June 09, 2006

Odds to win the National Championship

courtesy of BoDog.com (all odds are to 1)
please comment on any team you want...I will selectively insert my subjective and too-early-to-research thoughts...

Notre Dame 6 (yes, I put them first because that should incite the most vitriol)
Ohio State 6 (Another early loss to Texas would ruin an otherwise excellent looking season)
Oklahoma 6 (best defense in the nation?)
USC 8 (can I short these odds? No offense to Two-shirt Pete, but too many stars to replace.)
West Virginia 9 (like Flave said, Don't Belee da hype)
Florida 10 (with that schedule? With that offense?)
LSU 11 (zzzz, zzzzz - don't sleep on Coach Miles)
Texas 11 (All up to lifesaver Colt McCoy)
Florida State 14 (piques my interest)
Miami FL 16
Auburn 20 (looks like tremendous value, this may get a Hamilton thrown at it.)
Michigan 20
Georgia 22
Penn State 25
California 30 (another sleeper, if QB is solved and USC is beaten on 11/18)
Iowa 38
Louisville 40 (underdog is here)
Nebraska 40
Oregon 40
Alabama 50
Arizona State 50
Tennessee 50 (this might be a nice longshot, but the SEC is SO tough this year)
Virginia Tech 50
Wisconsin 60
Arkansas 65
Clemson 70
Boston College 80
Maryland 80
South Carolina 80
TCU 80
Texas Tech 80
Georgia Tech 90
Arizona 100
NC State 100
Texas A&M 100
Virginia 100
Michigan State 110
Colorado 150
Iowa State 150
Purdue 150
Pittsburgh 180
Fresno State 200
Hawaii 200
Northwestern 200
Oregon State 200
BYU 250
North Carolina 250
UNLV 500 (why?)

and of course, the field bet is 20/1.

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