October 31, 2006

McCoy not the best Colt

Sure, Colt McCoy of Texas is getting a lot of press (appropriately) for engineering a tremendous comeback against Texas Tech - but Colt Brennan (below) of Hawai'i is easily the best QB in the nation, let alone one named Colt. See his work in under three quarters in a 68-10 arresting of the Idaho Vandals.

I already knew this, but I was listening to Todd Wright Tonight (see link at right) on Sporting News Radio speaking with Hawaii Coach June Jones, and was compelled to spread the word.

Check out the October numbers - no typo, Brennan completed 78 percent of his passes, 19 TDs and NO INTERCEPTIONS. Warriors are 4-0 in the process as they keep pushing Boise for the WAC crown.

I challenge anyone in America to find me a four-game stretch in the history of college football with more than 100 attempts, 15+ TDs, and no picks. It may have existed from guys like Ware, Klingler, or Detmer, but I don't think so.

Brennan demands Heisman attention - a point not lost on Dave Reardon at the Honolulu Star Bulletin (scroll half way).

October 30, 2006

BCS #2 up for grabs: Big East thanks Beavers, Doomsday awaits

The Oregon State Beavers dealt a nasty blow to the potential finish of the BCS on Saturday - the official BCS site suggests a thank you card is in order for Coach Mike Riley.

The BCS cognisceti took comfort that USC was at #2, and Michigan at #3 - this essentially had USC playing the Big Ten champ if only the Trojans could win out. Saturday's events set up my doomsday scenario for the BCS:
  1. Louisville beats West Virginia this Thursday Night, then
  2. Ohio State barely squeaks by Michigan on November 18th, and
  3. Florida and Rutgers win out
This could leave OSU and Michigan at 1-2 and force them to play again in the National Championship Game on January 8 - no one wants to see a rematch since the beauty of the bowl system lies in "best team in the big game". If they play again, and Michigan wins, you then have the top two teams splitting their head-to-head record and more questions exist than answers for the king of the mountain of college football.

October 29, 2006

Rutgers RB combo leads the way

Nice article in the NY Times this week about the Scarlet Knights backfield combo of FB Brian Leonard and RB/Heisman hopeful Raymell Rice.

Rutgers hosts UConn tonight at 8pm on the four-letter network as they continue to pressure not only the Big East leaders of Louisville and West Virginia, but also the BCS Top Ten with their undefeated season. Here is the rest of their schedule after tonight and a bye week.
Nov 9 - vs. Louisville, 7:30 PM
Nov 18 - at Cincinnati, 12:30 PM
Nov 25 - vs. Syracuse, TBA
Dec 2 - at West Virginia, TBA
Don't look now, but let us say that Louisville beats WVU this Thursday and Rutgers beats both - Scarlet Knights are knocking at the BCS door. Rutgers are 20-point favorites tonight, so do not expect a close game - especially with UConn on a suspension spree this year.

October 28, 2006

Pigs do fly: Temple wins, USC loses

Temple ends the nation's longest losing streak by beating the Falcons of Bowling Green, 28-14.

USC left the season to the Beavers in a 33-31 loss to Oregon State.

Must be one hell of a party in Corvallis, as this was the only Oregon site I could find that had the story up, beating the Corvallis Gazette-Times to the punch!

What else is changed in the fabric of the universe? No negative ads run on Saturday for open Congressional spots? Positive news from North Korea?

October 27, 2006

Risk Capital, Week 9

I'd rather not discuss my yearly record, but like a mutual fund manager who has had a couple bad quarters I feel confident of my system and will plunge ahead. My system has identified and optimized some great plays, I have simply been way too exuberant in applying maxbets.

So i will ignore my introspection and here is my MAXBET special...

Washington straight up hosting Arizona State, 5 units

My favorite system is looking for teams that were involved in +/- 3 turnovers in the previous game. My assumption is that good teams are then undervalued and will "revert to the mean" to play much better the following week if they were on the wrong side, and be overvalued and play worse if they were on the right side.

Washington committed five more TO's than Cal last week and still got to OT in the loss, and ASU was +3 TO in a blowout over Stanford. Advantage Washington.

Sun Devils have played horribly throughout the year (you may have heard about the QB controversy), and Washington has played much better than expected in Ty's second year. Washington has the homefield and weather advantage as well.

Put on the big pants and go maxbet on the Huskies.

Michigan -35 over Northwestern,
Missouri -2 hosting Oklahoma, 3 units.

This has been a nice money maker for me since Week Three when I got my head out of my ass and realized that the Wolverines were as good as any team in the nation (kinda saw that coming) , and the the Missouri defense is for real.
RISKS: Missouri does not have a great record as a home fave in Big 12 play, and also have the Tiger career sack leader DE Brian Smith out for the year with a broken hip. Michigan again is a double-digit fave and that is a big number to cover...so double team the line and push it up 6.5 to 8 points.

I normally like to play Air Force against the spread, but BYU is on fire and HC Mendenhall has seen the triple option for years. Put that on in your back pocket.

October 26, 2006

Top Perfomers of October (so far)

Giving some love to Marty at CFBstats.com, as we at Fantasy College Blitz use this great tool to highlight the hot players as they head into the fantasy playoff weeks.

Obviously this article is geared to the fantasy player, but it should make interesting reading for non-fantasy college fans too.

Top Passers by TD | by Yards per Game

Colt Brennan of Hawaii has absolutely torn up the WAC this month with 14 TDs and 386 ypg, but you knew that. who are the surprises?

How about Baylor Shawn Bell (right) in the top 5 of each category? Impressive given it is the first year of the spread offense there in Waco. Colt McCoy got six of his ten TDs versus Baylor. Keep an eye on Chase Clement of Rice and Bobby Reid of Oklahoma State for next year, each sophomore blossomed this year and is getting their yards and TDs in bunches.

Looks like the Cajun Bomber Lester Ricard of Tulane is throwing without regard to his safety again, 291 ypg but a 5:4 ratio - I swear this guy thinks he can complete every pass no matter how tight the coverage, and if he ever learns to control himself he might make something of himself. Until then, he may ge a carnival gig throwing a football through a car wash and it comes out dry on the other side.

Top Rushers by TD | by Yards per Game

Ian Johnson of Boise (below) has put a hurtin' on defenses all year long, but particularly in October leading the nation in TDs with 9.

You may not have known that Ahmad Bradshaw of Marshall and Matt Forte of Tulane have been lighting up scoreboards as well. Ohio RB Kalvin McRae awoke from the dead to rip off three straight 100-yard games, but special kudos to a healthy Mike Hart of Michigan who has missed the triple-digit mark only once this year.

Disappointing has been Antonio Pittman of Ohio State despite the Buckeye win streak - Paul Mosley of Baylor is getting 70 ypg and a TD a game too.

Top Receivers by TD | by Yards per Game

Chris Williams of the "Desert Storm" offense at New Mexico State is simplu blowing up this month, averaging 165 ypg and scored four TDs in three games.

Sammie Stroughter of Oregon State looks to be picking up where Mike Hass left off, with 24 ypc and 146ypg. Freshman Ryan Wolfe of UNLV started the year on fire, cooled off, and has returned to form in October with two big games. Jarrett Dillard of Rice has literally come from way off the radar to have a huge season, with a pair of 3 TD games.

This article wouldn''t be complete without some props for Adarius Bowman (right) of Oklahoma State who put up 300 and four TDs against Kansas (not a bad season for some!) then followed it up with a couple scores in the Homecoming loss to TAMU.

Top FG Kickers

There are sure to be some free-agent pickups on this list to help you get through the playoffs - lots of names here aren't even on the Lou Groza Award Watch list.

Play around with the CFBStats.com site, there are oodles of info here for any college football fan, pundit, or media member.

October 25, 2006

The Sports Legion of Doom Completed #4 to Number 1!

I Dislike Your Favorite Team: Legion of Doom Completed #4 to Number 1!

This is way off topic, but an important read for Saturday Morning cartoon fanatics from the late 70's (here!) and those with an academic appreciation for the sociopaths among us.
Well did!

October 24, 2006

Calling for a paintball moratorium

What is it with college football wide receivers and paintball this year? You would think that playing paintball would be written in to their scholarships as a forbidden activity, but it isn't.

Today we hear the second paintball related incident to affect player eligibility, and this one is much more violent than accidental.

The University of Louisville suspends two backup WRs after they allegedly popped a woman as she left a local haunted house attraction. Chris Vaughn and the appropriately named Scott Long will miss the Big Big East game next Thursday versus West Virginia.

Earlier this season, Purdue WR Selwyn Lymon, one of the biggest recruits to ever come to Lafayette, removes his goggles after a friendly game then gets hit in the eye. May not have been that big of a story had he not just tortured Notre Dame for over 200 yards and an 83-yard TD.

Seriously, this was cool when I was in college in the early Nineties. Put the popgun back in the closet by the in-line skates, the cowboy boots for line-dancing and the old Bowflex.

Perhaps in the 2000's culture, paintball allows the weekend warriors in us to empathize with our brothers and sisters engaged in battle around the globe - but perhaps I give the paintball enthusiasts too much credit. More than likely they aggressively shoot others to a) act out their Halo fantasies in real life, or b) make up for their passive allowance of bosses/wives/girlfriends to control their happiness.

October 23, 2006

A survey of Heisman opinion

Ohio State QB Troy Smith is the lead dog, so you know what view the rest of the candidates have...

USA Today unanimously puts Smith on top.

The four-letter network agrees.

CBS has positions itself in line in this week's update.

Heisman Pundit chimes in.

My OCF Top 5

Troy Smith

Steve Slaton

Raymell Rice

Colt Brennan

Brady Quinn (with a bullet)

On the cusp: A healthy Michael Hart, Garrett Wolfe, Calvin Johnson

Week Nine Schedule, plus top games

Rather than recreate a masterpiece, a link to Matt Sarz's grand TV schedule should do.

My favorite games...

Oklahoma at Missouri
Shall the Big 12 North rise, or fall to the South as recent history would suggest? I have a hard time picking against that Tiger defense and the will of Chase Daniel, especially when the Sooners are ex- Adrian Peterson and their usual fort-like D.

Florida vs. Gergia (no O) in Jacksonville
Ah yes, the matchup formerly known as the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Do remember that back in May, UGA prez Michael Adams forbid CBS to use the nickname out of sensitivity to underage drinking concerns. This one will get ugly in a hurry, Gators BIG.

Nebraska at Oklahoma State
Only because I will be in attendance. Cowboys can score on anyone, but the Huskers have to feel good about sticking with Texas this past weekend. Edge to the Huskers only because of ppor special teams AND defense of the Pokes. Moblogging special to come.

October 22, 2006

In case you missed it...

Yes, Michigan State performed the greatest comeback in Division I history, that story is all over the Net and is quite amazing seeing that the Spartans were on the wrong end of a big comeback not long ago.

I want to highlight some of the lesser known yet amazing feats of the weekend.

Western Michigan is playing some of the best defense the MAC has seen in years. In their 41-27 crushing of Ball State, Bronco Ameer Ismail tied the NCAA record with six sacks in the game. Ismail also returned an interception for a TD and was named Walter Camp Defensive Player of the Week. Bronco QB Ryan Cubit also put up an amazingly efficient stat line - 20 of 24 for 291 yards and three TDs.

Raymell Rice (right) had his third 200-yard rushing performance of the season in Rutgers' 20-10 Big East win over Pitt. The Big East now leads the nation in undefeated teams with 3 - Rutgers, Louisville, and West Virginia. Both Louisville and WVU are off this week ahead of their matchup on Nov. 2.

Missouri exhibited the definition of "momentum changer" - Kansas State was up 7-3, but the Tigers stopped them on fourth-and-goal from the one. Ten plays later, the Tigers finished off a 99-yard series with a TD from QB Chase Daniel on the way to a 41-21 win.

I almost called the Hawaii-New Mexico State game to a T - 79 points scored and just under 1,000 yards of total offense in the 49-30 Hawai'i win. Warrior QB Colt Brennan performed invasive surgery on the Aggie Defense: 22 of 31 for 330 yards and five TDs, no picks.

Both NIU RB Garrett Wolfe and Georgia Tech WR Calvin Johnson reside on the CFCFFL fantasy team called the Pteradactyls, and like the mascot their Heisman campaigns are extinct after this week's underwhelming outings. Wolfe, who was held to 25 yards last week, finished with 17 rushes for 45 yards against the 117th-ranked Temple defense in the country. Johnson was shutout on national television versus the purple-clad Clemson Tigers.

More on the Heisman race tomorrow.

October 21, 2006

Hawaii at New Mexico State - set the DVR

Not since the alien invasion of Area 51 has the New Mexico air been filled with so much excitement...

Hawaii Warriors at New Mexico State Aggies, ESPN GamePlan 8pm

Who cares about this game? Two groups of people.
1) Family members of the players 2) Fantasy College Football enthusiasts.

Hawaii's Colt Brennan (top) faces Chase Holbrook in a batlle of the ages.

Fantasy College Blitz's Daniel Freer calls this the Fantasy Smorgasboard of the Year, but the two sportsbooks I use (Sportsbook.com, bodog.com) fear to place a total on the game. I think this game is a safe bit to get into the 80's, but I will go out on a limb and say this game does not get above 1000 yards of offense. PS calls it a Warrior win, 55-27.

TREMENDOUS breakdown of the game on the Honolulu Star Bulletin, but to be fair and balanced here is the link to the Las Cruces Sun News.

Expect this game will be sick.

Risk Capital, Week 8

Only two games on the docket for me today, unusual when so many usually get my attention...

Nebraska +6 over Texas, MAX BET
Nebraska is back, and has the national stage versus a Longhorn team that has done an excellent job beating up patsies. Longhorns may squeak this out in their first game outside the Lone Star State, but there is value in the line. Texas coming off a +4 turnover margin in the win over Baylor, so I also expect a "reversion to the mean" in quality of play. If you are feeling froggy, moneyline is +190 for the Huskers, so maybe play both.

Georgia Tech +7 at Clemson
GT has been money as an underdog for me this year, coming thru versus ND and Virginia Tech. Georgia Tech puts a lot more than WR Calvin Johnson out there, as their defense gets a big test against the top scoring team in the nation. That top scoring team is also down to its #3 WR, as Stucky and Taylor are ut for the year. Phil Steele mentions that the dog is 16-1 ATS in this matchup - WOW! Jackets also are a fat +245 straight up. Yummy.

Yeah, capitalism. Remember, President Bush signed into law making Internet gambling illegal this past week. It will only push gamblers underground. Great article by Business Week's Cathering Holahan here.

Feel like getting involved at a local level? Here is a list of supporting Congresspersons for the Unlawful Internet Gambling Prohibition Act.

Heisman Roundup

A collection of posts from around the cyber-world...

Calls are out for Hogs RB Darren McFadden, Brady Quinn must come strong today versus UCLA, and why Wisconsin Coach Bret Bielema thinks that Badger left tackle Joe Thomas should be a Heisman candidate...Heisman Pundit.

Three WRs in their Experts Top 13...CJ, Ginn, and DeSean Jackson? As a WR apologist, I appreciate that...ESPN Heisman Watch

Give credit to anyone looking at the "obscure picks" of Rutgers' Raymell Rice, Boise's Ian Johnson, and NIU's Garrett Wolfe. BUT WTF is Dennis Dodd doing with Auburn LB Trey Blackmon, a freshman LB whose first game was against the Gators last week due to suspension, on his list?....CBS Sportsline


Troy Smith
Garrett Wolfe
Steve Slaton
Calvin Johnson
Raymell Rice

Dark Horses: Colt Brennan, Brady Quinn.

Talk amongst yourselves below.

October 13, 2006

Risk Capital, Week 7

2-team 6-point Teaser: USC -18.5 over Arizona State, Boise -26.5 over New Mexico State
Both teams giving away lotsa points, but great options for the wins as both are trying to establish their presence in the national standings. Use the tease to give you more cushion with less payoff.

Kent State -7.5 over Toledo, MAX BET
Toledo is in shambles without QB Clint Cochran, and the Golden Flashes are a juggernaut behind a solid D and emerging QB Julian Edelman.

Troy -10 over Louisiana-Monroe, 3 units
They were crushed on their longest trip to Nebraska, but the other men of Troy have stuck around with many upper-echelon teams when playing in the Southeast. This is their home conference opener, and their spread offense led by QB Omar Haugabook and a solid defense is far more talented than anyone on ULM. Also the Phil Steele 3-star early week special.

Brian Brohm is unbreakable

Louisville QB Brian Brohm came back full strength from two torn knee ligaments in eight months. Normal humans take a full year (no, Carson Palmer is not a normal human either).

Now he aims to return three weeks after a broken bone in his right thumb in the Keg of Nails game versus Cincinnati this weekend. Seems that Brohm is tough as nails, and it forced me to think of other quick healers.

All I could think of was Bruce Willis in Unbreakable, a salamander and the X-Man Wolverine.

Hard not to root for the kid as he tries to get his pre-season Heisman campaign behind him and focus on staying healthy as Louisville gets ready for the big Big East matchup with West Virginia.

October 09, 2006

SWM seeks SMU QB

Southern Methodist QB Patrick Willis has put together a nice year for the perennialy lowly Mustangs, but it all came crashing down when the team suspended him indefinitely for undisclosed reasons.

Those reasons are now disclosed...

Seems the Willis has been the target of a stalker and he finally snapped accoriding to the Dallas Morning News.

Patrick's father, Samuel Willis, said the incident occurred at a team gathering at an off-campus residence when a student, who Willis claims had been harassing and stalking his on for almost a year, showed up uninvited. Willis said the student was asked to leave, and when he didn't, his son "snapped." Willis said other players pulled his son away from the student.

I know you weren't yourself when you did this, Patrick.

(UPDATE: Reinstated on Thursday for this weeks game)

October 08, 2006

Emily Dickinson on college football

Since college football is played by teenagers with lots of passion, I thought the dulcid tones of The Western Branch Freshmen Orchestra live at the Art Brandriff Auditorium performing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" would be appropriate background for the week. On to the games...

S-E-C! S-E-C! The Southeastern Conference is the talk of the nation, with a HUGE upset, an 84-point game and a coming of age story all wrapped up into one beautiful tasty afternoon...

A beautiful lunch was served up by Arkansas in the biggest upset of the weekend beating Auburn 27-10 in the War Eagle house. Dare I say that the ground-focused Razorbacks (45 runs, 10 passes) were the tortoise to the Jordan-Hare
of the Tigers? Phil Steele must feel vindicated since he has pimped Arkansas as the Surprise of the West all year.

The Florida Gators followed that up with a spicy snack in the Swamp, forcing five turnovers
in a 23-10 victory over LSU. The game had its share of momentum cycles and highlights, but none stranger than backup QB Tim Tebow's (lefty to the right) jump pass for a TD to close out the first half. Incumbent QB Chris Leak was held TD-less for the first time this season but his impact was almost as big as the Gator defense shut down everything the Tigers wanted to do.

Three-course meal for dinner was the scoring buffet in Athens, GA, as the Tennessee Volunteers embarrassed the Georgia Bulldogs 51-33, a score that was completely unexpected for a couple reasons. One, Georgia only allowed about 7 ppg before this, now they allow 14 ppg. Second, the over/under by the "smart money" was set as 38 1/2, and I can't recall the last time the total was doubled up.

Outside the SEC...

Hawaii's Colt Brennan earned Fantasy College Blitz's Fantasy Player of the Week with five TDs and over 400 yards passing in the win over Nevada... Red River Shootout was anything but, as the porous (poor us?) Sooner defense and their poor tackling allowed for a never-in-doubt Texas 28-10 whooping over Oklahoma...Doesn't that FSU - Miami game on Labor Day seem so meaningless now?...Speaking of Week One anomalies, Cal QB Nate Longshore has accounted for four touchdowns in four of the five games since then including this week making Peking Ducks of Oregon 45-24. This sets up a big matchup with USC on November 18 for the King of the Pac Ten.

Missouri looks to be for real as they shut down Texas Tech in a 38-21 victory at Lubbock. Tiger QB Chase Daniel's stat line was weak, but that was due more to short fields as a result of strong defense and special teams....Boise State may need a few more blowouts like this in order to go undefeated, win the WAC, and impress voters and the computers enough to ge
t to the Top 12 in the rankings - Louisiana Tech took a 55-14 beating on the blue turf Saturday setting up a road trip thru the West at New Mexico State and at Idaho before an idle week...Can you name the nation's passing efficiency leader? David Letterman must be proud of true freshman now starter Nate Davis of Ball State, who has 12 TDs to only one interception in limited action this year. In his second start, he ripped Buffalo with 11-of-14 passes for 247 yards with three touchdowns.

Remember Clemson is one special teams disaster game away from a perfect season -
they clawed back with 24 unanswered points in Q4 to beat previously 5-0 Wake Forest 27-17 yesterday. Defensive tackle Gaines Adams (right) outran everyone on a blocked FG return for TD to open the rally.

Finally, this will probably be the last you hear of David Ball of New Hampshire until the Senior Bowl. Ball passed Jerry Rice on the all-time touchdown catch list with the 51st of his career against the Spiders of Richmond.

October 07, 2006

OCF Top 13 - Auburn dropping like it's cold...

Looks like I will stay on the dark side, as Auburn proved to me that they were not worthy of the top spot last week after losing at home to Arkansas today...Remember that I kept the gators down the list until they proved they could win a big one - and did they ever, crushing LSU in the Swamp....Welcome Golden Bears and the Tigers of Death Valley to the creme de la creme- two teams that have emerged from the curd...

Ponder the ratings and the question of the week?

1.Ohio State (6-0) LW:1
Just counting down to Michigan?
2. Michigan (6-0) 3
How will they deal with some of the Buckeyes' vanquished foes?
3. Florida (6-0) 12
How will players react to Coach Meyer keeping the pedal down?
4. Texas (5-1) 5
Will the roadies at Lincoln and Lubbock derail a table run?
5. USC (6-0) 4
How long can the win by the hair of their chinny-chin-Booty?
6. Louisville (5-0) 8
Wake me for happy hour on November 2?
7. West Virginia (5-0) 9
See #6 - do they need to pass?
8. Cal (5-1) x
How good is this team if the Robert Meachem didn't exist?
9. LSU (5-1) 7
My flag football team just called - they want their running game back?
10. Auburn (5-1) 2
Can they save the season at home against Florida?
11. Notre Dame (5-1) 10
My dad just saw the schedule and said "What - Stony Brook wasn't available?"
12. Boise State (6-0) 13
Is the Blue turf toxic to visitors?
13. Clemson (5-1) x
If not for kicking woes, is this the class of the ACC?

thisclose - Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Missouri, Georgia
getdafukoudahere - Oklahoma, Oregon

Across the WWW, there is some contention on who deserves #2 - is it Florida, maybe Michigan, some say USC or West Virginia. Your thoughts on the comments are most welcome!

October 06, 2006

Risk Capital, Week 6

Tennessee -2.5 over Georgia
Kentucky +5 vs South Carolina

Pitt -7 at Syracuse
Toledo -2 vs Central Michigan

October 05, 2006

Congress challenging NCAA tax-exempt status

As with organized crime, as long as the activities stay small and quiet and no one gets hurt, "the man" will look the other way. Once money starts flashing and attitudes start to annoy, "the man" get involved. Just ask the Gotti...That may be the case as USA Today reports the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee requests that the NCAA respond to a letter to defend their status as a tax-exempt not-for-profit institution. The story also appears on AP wires around the country.

While USA Today highlights a Tulane faculty member suggesting that committe chair Bill Thomas is grandstanding, I prefer the quote at the end of Steve Wieberg's piece...
"College sports has grown into a standard commercial enterprise — with only a tip of the hat to the academic environment they exist in." - Andrew Zimbalist, Smith College economist
I have no problem with everyone getting the money they deserve - I am just not sure that labor (athletes) is getting an appropriate percentage of the revenue from management (NCAA schools). Article quotes "the NCAA's projected 2006-07 budget anticipates nearly $563 million in revenue, including $503 million from its TV contract with CBS." My local church, nor the local Humane Society certainly aren't raking in that kinda coin.

College football and basketball in particular are tremendous entertainment vehicles and stupendous cash cows, preferred by many viewers due to its "purity of sport" and not tainted by greed and capitalistic desires. I simply question, like Rep. Thomas, if that line can even be drawn anymore.

October 04, 2006

Top 13 - A new leader

  1. Ohio State (5-0)
  2. Auburn (5-0)
  3. Michigan (5-0)
  4. USC (5-0)
  5. Texas (4-1)
  6. Oregon (4-0)
  7. LSU (4-1)
  8. Louisville (4-0)
  9. West Virginia (4-0)
  10. Notre Dame (4-1)
  11. Oklahoma (3-1)
  12. Florida (5-0)
  13. Boise State (5-0)

Where did the Bobcat players get this idea?

When Ohio University's head football coach Frank Solich was cited for driving while impaired in his first year on campus, he got a slap on the wrist. Guess what that outstanding gesture of institutional control has earned for the regents?

17 arrests, a punched out police horse, and the newest charge - assault and drunkMONGO! driving by a clique of football and basketball players!

USA Today reports
football players Tommy Stuck, Paul Johnson and Wesley Dunlap and basketball player Ken Ottrix will not be allowed to practice or compete in games during indefinite suspensions, the school said.

Even someone with my history of inappropriate college behavior realizes there is a fine line between being a Playboy #7 party school and this horrific trend for Bobcat athletes.

Find a way to stop it now, President Roderick J. McDavis, or you will be paying Southern Methodist University a consulting fee on how to deal with the death penalty, NCAA style.

October 02, 2006

Emily Dickinson on college football, Week Five

Didn't you use to be Rudy Carpenter? Last years passing efficiency leader threw for 39 yards - less than the distance to my mailbox. I am sure Dirk Koetter sleeps well with his decision to stick with you over Sam Keller. Of course, the Oregon Ducks deserve more credit than they currently receive - they may be the class of the Pac Ten.

Strong performances by Florida (no rest for you! Here comes LSU), Cal (what trip to Knoxville?), and Ohio State (Iowa overrated, but very hostile territory).

Weak shows by USC (Cougars may be better than originally thought?), Auburn (great coaching job by Spurrier and nice QB work by Newton), Gergia (not a misprint - they have no O!), and Miami of FL (The fly-overs were weak - just start a blog!).

Kent State won the Wagon Wheel back, and the Little Brown Jug goes back to Ann Arbor.
thought of these trophies? Speaking of Kent, I spend a lot of binary digits over at Fantasy College Blitz pushing Golden Flash WR Najah Pruden (right) as the most dangerous deep threat in college football (top 5 in ypc again this year), and it looks like he may finally have a QB to make him more dangerous. Julian Edelman had two touchdown passes and ran for one to lead Kent State to a 37-15 victory against MAC champ Akron. The Golden Flashes have won three MAC games in a row after losing ELEVEN straight overall. Next up a trip to Temple.

Didn't you used to be Jamario Thomas? The 2004 nations leader in rushing at North Texas isn't even in the top 100 this year, and that is after Patrick Cobbs graduated leaving him all the carries.

Boise State supplants TCU as the most likely BCS Buster. Broncos made Ashton Kuchar jealous - they punked Utah like they stole something. Hit of the day laid on Daryl Poston by safety Gerald Alexander ...see 21 seconds in...hold on to something tightly.

Back later today with the Top 13. Love ya, mean it.

Who is 5-0? Deacons and Tigers?

Yes, the big programs like Auburn, Ohio State, Florida, and Michigan are 5-0, no real shock there as the early season schedules face off with teams from the MAC and C-USA to prepare for conference battles.

But Wake Forest and Missouri are each 5-0 to start the season
. In related news, Paris Hilton went to bed early and Russia announced a move towards true democracy...

Seriously, Wake Forest Jim Grobe always leads the ACC in rushing, but this year he is doing it without his starting QB (Ben Mauk) and starting RB (Micah Andrews). Deacs are pounding the rock 40x a game, and the defense has stopped the opponents. Main hole in the armor? They have played the 101st rated schedule according to Colleyrankings.com.

The Tigers are doing it with defense and a similarly easy schedule (both have beaten Ole Miss, MU has the 114th rated sched), but many pundits assumed an offensive drop off with the graduation of super Brad Smith. Enter sophomore Chase Daniel (below).Daniel is tenth in the nation in total offense (280.6 ypg) and 38th in passing efficiency (two spots behind John David Booty of USC). He is completing 64% of his passes and owns a 13/4 TD/INT ratio.

But for both teams, now comes the tough part - no, not Gator Schedule tough, but similar. On October 7, Wake Forest hosts a fired up Clemson squad, and Missouri travels to Lubbock to face the Texas Tech "Air Raid" offense. The Deacons and the Tigers will get a true test of their defensive numbers on Saturday. Interestingly, Missouri is a 3 point favorite on the road, while Wake is a seventeen-point dog at home. Five wins is nice, but two conference wins to open the season means a lot more.

October 01, 2006


NIU's Watch Wolfe Heisman PunditThanks, NIU USA Today POW

All instances this weekend where people are beginning a grass-roots campaign for Northern Illinois' RB Garrett Wolfe (right) as a legitimate Heisman candidate.

The numbers are both beautiful and disgusting: In just five games and 127 carries, he now owns the NCAA record for yards in the first five at 1181. His 236 ypg is 75ypg better than the #2, Raymell Rice of Rutgers. Did I mention 11 TDs as well?

Roughly double these numbers for a season projection (10 gm rather than 12 gm could allow for an off-game, like ONLY 102 yds) would be:

252 carries, 2362 yds and 22 TDs.

That should get him to the Downtown Athletic Club, no?

I will leave the punditry on the Heisman Trophy to none other than HeismanPundit.com - I will be rooting for Wolfe as the small school upset candidate!