October 29, 2006

Rutgers RB combo leads the way

Nice article in the NY Times this week about the Scarlet Knights backfield combo of FB Brian Leonard and RB/Heisman hopeful Raymell Rice.

Rutgers hosts UConn tonight at 8pm on the four-letter network as they continue to pressure not only the Big East leaders of Louisville and West Virginia, but also the BCS Top Ten with their undefeated season. Here is the rest of their schedule after tonight and a bye week.
Nov 9 - vs. Louisville, 7:30 PM
Nov 18 - at Cincinnati, 12:30 PM
Nov 25 - vs. Syracuse, TBA
Dec 2 - at West Virginia, TBA
Don't look now, but let us say that Louisville beats WVU this Thursday and Rutgers beats both - Scarlet Knights are knocking at the BCS door. Rutgers are 20-point favorites tonight, so do not expect a close game - especially with UConn on a suspension spree this year.

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