October 07, 2006

OCF Top 13 - Auburn dropping like it's cold...

Looks like I will stay on the dark side, as Auburn proved to me that they were not worthy of the top spot last week after losing at home to Arkansas today...Remember that I kept the gators down the list until they proved they could win a big one - and did they ever, crushing LSU in the Swamp....Welcome Golden Bears and the Tigers of Death Valley to the creme de la creme- two teams that have emerged from the curd...

Ponder the ratings and the question of the week?

1.Ohio State (6-0) LW:1
Just counting down to Michigan?
2. Michigan (6-0) 3
How will they deal with some of the Buckeyes' vanquished foes?
3. Florida (6-0) 12
How will players react to Coach Meyer keeping the pedal down?
4. Texas (5-1) 5
Will the roadies at Lincoln and Lubbock derail a table run?
5. USC (6-0) 4
How long can the win by the hair of their chinny-chin-Booty?
6. Louisville (5-0) 8
Wake me for happy hour on November 2?
7. West Virginia (5-0) 9
See #6 - do they need to pass?
8. Cal (5-1) x
How good is this team if the Robert Meachem didn't exist?
9. LSU (5-1) 7
My flag football team just called - they want their running game back?
10. Auburn (5-1) 2
Can they save the season at home against Florida?
11. Notre Dame (5-1) 10
My dad just saw the schedule and said "What - Stony Brook wasn't available?"
12. Boise State (6-0) 13
Is the Blue turf toxic to visitors?
13. Clemson (5-1) x
If not for kicking woes, is this the class of the ACC?

thisclose - Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Missouri, Georgia
getdafukoudahere - Oklahoma, Oregon

Across the WWW, there is some contention on who deserves #2 - is it Florida, maybe Michigan, some say USC or West Virginia. Your thoughts on the comments are most welcome!

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