October 02, 2006

Emily Dickinson on college football, Week Five

Didn't you use to be Rudy Carpenter? Last years passing efficiency leader threw for 39 yards - less than the distance to my mailbox. I am sure Dirk Koetter sleeps well with his decision to stick with you over Sam Keller. Of course, the Oregon Ducks deserve more credit than they currently receive - they may be the class of the Pac Ten.

Strong performances by Florida (no rest for you! Here comes LSU), Cal (what trip to Knoxville?), and Ohio State (Iowa overrated, but very hostile territory).

Weak shows by USC (Cougars may be better than originally thought?), Auburn (great coaching job by Spurrier and nice QB work by Newton), Gergia (not a misprint - they have no O!), and Miami of FL (The fly-overs were weak - just start a blog!).

Kent State won the Wagon Wheel back, and the Little Brown Jug goes back to Ann Arbor.
thought of these trophies? Speaking of Kent, I spend a lot of binary digits over at Fantasy College Blitz pushing Golden Flash WR Najah Pruden (right) as the most dangerous deep threat in college football (top 5 in ypc again this year), and it looks like he may finally have a QB to make him more dangerous. Julian Edelman had two touchdown passes and ran for one to lead Kent State to a 37-15 victory against MAC champ Akron. The Golden Flashes have won three MAC games in a row after losing ELEVEN straight overall. Next up a trip to Temple.

Didn't you used to be Jamario Thomas? The 2004 nations leader in rushing at North Texas isn't even in the top 100 this year, and that is after Patrick Cobbs graduated leaving him all the carries.

Boise State supplants TCU as the most likely BCS Buster. Broncos made Ashton Kuchar jealous - they punked Utah like they stole something. Hit of the day laid on Daryl Poston by safety Gerald Alexander ...see 21 seconds in...hold on to something tightly.

Back later today with the Top 13. Love ya, mean it.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Mercy Moses! Was that snot flying out of his nose? Lol! --UNT -Ex. Go Mean Green!

Anonymous said...

Saw the hit on Poston...heard he placed a classified ad:

MISSING: One Utah helmet, red in color, with "U" in the middle. Lost during game w Boise St last week. Contact D. Poston, Salt Lake, (888)HED-ACHE

Props to your blog


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...forgot to add....last week played both Chase Holbrook and Najah "Would Be" Pruden last week in a fantasy league. Do I look like a genius or what

Vince said...

Pure genius! Thanks for the love