October 30, 2006

BCS #2 up for grabs: Big East thanks Beavers, Doomsday awaits

The Oregon State Beavers dealt a nasty blow to the potential finish of the BCS on Saturday - the official BCS site suggests a thank you card is in order for Coach Mike Riley.

The BCS cognisceti took comfort that USC was at #2, and Michigan at #3 - this essentially had USC playing the Big Ten champ if only the Trojans could win out. Saturday's events set up my doomsday scenario for the BCS:
  1. Louisville beats West Virginia this Thursday Night, then
  2. Ohio State barely squeaks by Michigan on November 18th, and
  3. Florida and Rutgers win out
This could leave OSU and Michigan at 1-2 and force them to play again in the National Championship Game on January 8 - no one wants to see a rematch since the beauty of the bowl system lies in "best team in the big game". If they play again, and Michigan wins, you then have the top two teams splitting their head-to-head record and more questions exist than answers for the king of the mountain of college football.


The Reese Galaxy said...

Your ideas are as fresh and new as an agatized stromatolite.

Vince said...

? Out, out damn spot!