October 04, 2006

Where did the Bobcat players get this idea?

When Ohio University's head football coach Frank Solich was cited for driving while impaired in his first year on campus, he got a slap on the wrist. Guess what that outstanding gesture of institutional control has earned for the regents?

17 arrests, a punched out police horse, and the newest charge - assault and drunkMONGO! driving by a clique of football and basketball players!

USA Today reports
football players Tommy Stuck, Paul Johnson and Wesley Dunlap and basketball player Ken Ottrix will not be allowed to practice or compete in games during indefinite suspensions, the school said.

Even someone with my history of inappropriate college behavior realizes there is a fine line between being a Playboy #7 party school and this horrific trend for Bobcat athletes.

Find a way to stop it now, President Roderick J. McDavis, or you will be paying Southern Methodist University a consulting fee on how to deal with the death penalty, NCAA style.

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