March 28, 2007

2008 BCS Champions Odds

courtesy of (comments are mine, please share yours below)...

USC 5-2

Michigan 9-1

Florida 9-1

LSU 10-1

Texas 10-1

West Virginia 10-1

Louisville 20-1

Penn St 25-1

Oklahoma 25-1 (if they get the QB situation settled, look out)

Ohio St 25-1 (seems low, but lost many stars to NFL)

Virginia Tech 30-1

Nebraska 30-1

Georgia 30-1

Arkansas 30-1

Wisconsin 30-1

Florida St 30-1 (I love how Booby has retooled the coaching staff with former players and Jimbo)

Tennessee 50-1

Rutgers 50-1

California 50-1

Miami FL 50-1

zx Field (Any Other Team) 50-1

Notre Dame 50-1

UCLA 60-1

Texas A&M 60-1

Auburn 60-1

Clemson 75-1

Alabama 75-1

Iowa 75-1

South Carolina 75-1

Colorado 100-1

BYU 100-1

TCU 100-1

Arizona St 100-1

Boise St 100-1

Boston College 100-1

Missouri 100-1

Texas Tech 100-1

Oregon 100-1

Arizona 150-1

Wake Forest 150-1

Maryland 150-1

North Carolina St 200-1

Georgia Tech 200-1 (No CJ, but no Reggie Ball either)

Hawaii 200-1 ( coming soon)

Oklahoma St 200-1 (I have a sneaky suspicion this is worth a five-spot with only Texas and Missouri returning a lot of players)

Oregon St 200-1

Kansas St 200-1

Pittsburgh 200-1

South Florida 300-1

Purdue 300-1

March 13, 2007

March Madness Index is live!

I will admit that I don't begin to attend to college hoops until March - that being said I hope I can bring a little of my unique statistical insight into the college basketball tournament that starts Thursday.

I credit USA Today with the genesis of this idea - they took many important season stats of each of the 65 teams and ranked them against one another here.

So similar to the Fantasy College Blitz Defense Index, I tweaked those relative rankings, added a Margin of Victory variable, and published my spreadsheet to Google Docs here. Much more info on the discussion part of Google Docs page.

Please feel free to download it, tweak it by assigning different weights, add new stats (RPI? Rebounds/gm), or just change the color. and please share your feedback so we can all win our brackets!