October 23, 2006

Week Nine Schedule, plus top games

Rather than recreate a masterpiece, a link to Matt Sarz's grand TV schedule should do.

My favorite games...

Oklahoma at Missouri
Shall the Big 12 North rise, or fall to the South as recent history would suggest? I have a hard time picking against that Tiger defense and the will of Chase Daniel, especially when the Sooners are ex- Adrian Peterson and their usual fort-like D.

Florida vs. Gergia (no O) in Jacksonville
Ah yes, the matchup formerly known as the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Do remember that back in May, UGA prez Michael Adams forbid CBS to use the nickname out of sensitivity to underage drinking concerns. This one will get ugly in a hurry, Gators BIG.

Nebraska at Oklahoma State
Only because I will be in attendance. Cowboys can score on anyone, but the Huskers have to feel good about sticking with Texas this past weekend. Edge to the Huskers only because of ppor special teams AND defense of the Pokes. Moblogging special to come.

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