October 31, 2006

McCoy not the best Colt

Sure, Colt McCoy of Texas is getting a lot of press (appropriately) for engineering a tremendous comeback against Texas Tech - but Colt Brennan (below) of Hawai'i is easily the best QB in the nation, let alone one named Colt. See his work in under three quarters in a 68-10 arresting of the Idaho Vandals.

I already knew this, but I was listening to Todd Wright Tonight (see link at right) on Sporting News Radio speaking with Hawaii Coach June Jones, and was compelled to spread the word.

Check out the October numbers - no typo, Brennan completed 78 percent of his passes, 19 TDs and NO INTERCEPTIONS. Warriors are 4-0 in the process as they keep pushing Boise for the WAC crown.

I challenge anyone in America to find me a four-game stretch in the history of college football with more than 100 attempts, 15+ TDs, and no picks. It may have existed from guys like Ware, Klingler, or Detmer, but I don't think so.

Brennan demands Heisman attention - a point not lost on Dave Reardon at the Honolulu Star Bulletin (scroll half way).

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