November 01, 2006

Don't adjust your set - the grass really is blue

Boise State hosts Fresno State tonight on the ESPN National game at 8PM EDT.

Read somewhere today (Forde?) that from the 26 days from Halloween to Thanksgiving, college football is on 19 of them - OH HAPPY DAY! Did you know that this is the only blue turf field in the world, and that it made ESPN.coms Top 12 sports places to see?

Anyway, this game still has a big red circle around it in my Phil Steele pre-season issue as a big game in the WAC with BCS ramifications - unfortunately, the Bulldogs have been neutered repeatedly after that heartbreak loss to Oregon in September. Expectations for a quality game are quite low now compared to when the mag was new.

While I have long been a fan of the Broncos back to the Ryan Dinwddie and Brock Forsey days (that long?) , I approach this game with some heaviness in my heart. Three Reasons:

  1. In the final week of the fantasy college football regular season, my rival Frank starts Jared "JZ" Zabransky against me. That rat bastard!
  2. My account is "down to the felt", so I put the last $5 on Boise -23. Certainly in line with my fandom, but in opposition to my need for JZ to do poorly. I can hope for the defense to just throttle the Bulldogs I suppose, but that would mean that all is right with my world and that just doesn't happen often.
  3. I think 23 is too many points to give away in a rivalry game, no matter how flaccid Pat Hill's team has been the last few weeks.

Now you feel my pain. Enjoy the game.

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