November 07, 2006

Jim Grobe, a softer type of coach

Nice article by Ivan Maisel on about the coaching style of Jim Grobe of Wake Forest, now 8-1 (and a botched FG snap against Clemson away from 9-0) and eyeing the ACC Championship game.

Favorite quote form the article that you might apply to your everyday life:
You just know he cares about you," senior Patrick Ghee said. "It's easy to play for someone like that, someone you respect, someone you like. When he speaks to us, it's like a fatherly love. He really cares about players. Not all coaches are like that. A lot of them are like, 'This is my job. We're going to win and I don't care what the cost is.' Coach Grobe cares about the person first, and about your character, more than he does about what happens in the game."
Wow, it can be that simple to be successful. Truly care about building up the character of others and the work ethic will take care of itself.

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