November 19, 2006

A Survey of Heisman opinion

is superfluous - Ohio State's Troy Smith locked it up for the New York Downtown Athletic club with his 4-TD performance in the OVER-whelming win over Michigan in the Game of the Year.

Brady Quinn and Steve Slaton need only worry about helping their team from this point forward - and each can now that Rutgers has opened the door.

Here are my top five just for kicks:
  1. Troy Smith - put a #10 jersey on the bronze statue - Troy has nothing to do for the next fifty days or so, perhaps he can make the mini
  2. Colt Brennan - see why here. But Smith's 26/4 ratio is damn hot also.
  3. Steve Slaton - no one breaks more 50-yard runs, except maybe Pat White.
  4. Brady Quinn - statistically better than Smith, but doesn't have the team surrounding him nor that nice round number at the end of the record.
  5. Ian Johnson - I need a sentimental pick from a small school - although he may offer to knit the mini-Smith jersey,
Ray Rice now on the outside looking in - his absence for most of the second half reminds me of Reggie Bush on the sidelines when USC was on their final drive last year against Texas - waht are they thinking? I know he is weaker is pass protection, but you have to work in your most productive player into all offensive sets, don't you?

From around the routers:

USA Today - why no Colt Brennan on their hot sheet?
CFN - a week late, but still useful.
The Heisman Pundit - although the commentors prefer to focus on the BCS Championship.
AOL FanHouse - lots of love for Brady Quinn, and almost too much from his bunkmate...

and of course, the Nissan "Chase for the Heisman" commercial (I got all the mascots figured out except the guy jumping off the rock onto the Trojan. Help?)...


Anonymous said...

Its the West Virginia Mountaineer

Anonymous said...

who is the big bouncy rock?

Vince said...

Big Bouncy rock is a Buckeye - look closely at the different colors, it is actually a big poisonous nut!

Anonymous said...

Not like they are in contention, but Slippery Rock State is "the Rock". Coonskin cap guy could also be a La Salle Explorer.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a Tennessee Volunteer! The coonskin hat is a dead give-away to Davy Crockett!

Anonymous said...

if not a volunter, its a mountainer