November 25, 2006

Grrr beats soooey, 31-26

It was a superbly entertaining game, and the bowl ramifications were many - with more back and forth on the scoreboard than a debate on the Springer show, LSU made one less one-loss team of Arkansas, 31-26.

As my colleague Daniel Freer of Fantasy College Blitz pointed out while we enjoyed the finest meats and hops at the Orlando Ale House, "It is obvious to me that Darren McFadden (above) may not only be the best runner in the nation, he may be the best quarterback on the Hogs."

Casey Dick played down to his name (easy joke I am sure he has never heard before) completing just 3 of 17 passes, and the only pass in the second half that didn't bounce awkwardly off the turf ended up in LSU's hands. RUN DMc threw for 33 yards, five more than Dick - as Johnny Most might have said, "What a veritable disgusting display!"

Random thoughts from the game:
  • USC's strength of schedule takes a smack now that Arkansas loses its second game. Boy do they need that win over Notre Dame today to eclipse Michigan.
  • Likewise, Florida's chances went down of moving ahead of Michigan by beating Arkansas next week. Granted, they have a win over LSU also, so it might be a net-zero to the computers. But remember, the BCS is two-thirds pollsters, so the immediacy of the Arkansas loss may count more.
  • My man-crush on JaMarcus Russel grows stronger - I predict he will be everything that Michael Vick wants to be as a QB. He flicks his wrist and the ball goes forty-yards with a Warren Moon-like spiral.
  • With such an imaginative offensive gameplan by Arkansas OC Gus Mazlahn, WTF not get the ball in McFadden's hands in that final drive? Don't overthink this, Gus.
  • Arkansas bowl games are pretty well locked up - beat Florida, cue Def Leppard to pour some Sugar. Lose their third in the SEC Championship game, Cotton or the Capital One come calling.
  • I admit I expected LSU to lose and become one of the best three-loss teams ever - LSU may end up in a better bowl (Fiesta?) depending on the BCS rankings that come out Sunday Night.

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