November 09, 2006

Risk Capital, Week 11

Navy -11 "at" Eastern Michigan

One of my favorite bets is to take the triple option team against bad defenses, and boy do we have that here.

EMU has stepped it up to cover the last four, but the streak ends here as the home game is actually at Ford Field and that neutral weather and environment dramatically help the Middies. The risk to the selection is that the best player on the field is EMU WR Eric Deslauriers and he has a distinct height advantage over the Navy DBs. The Eagles have questions at QB that will dampen this advantage. Weight of the evidence points to Navy and new QB "Special K".

Oklahoma State -16 vs. Baylor

Baylor star QB Shawn Bell snapped knee ligaments two weeks ago, and the Cowboy defense must be licking its chops to get at the backup (#3 in nation with sacks). On the other side QB Bobby Reid and WR "Age of" Adarius Bowman no doubt aim to make up for the poor showing last week at Texas. Bullet will run often in this one.

OVER - Hawaii host Louisiana Tech if less than 73

...since the Warriors can do that number on their own.

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