November 01, 2006

Horrible Spartan moments in John L Smith history

Michigan State fires Head Coach John L. Smith but he will finish the season so the coaching search "has transparency".

The folks at rejoice. The folks at this site were late to the party. Guy at this site is misguided and should focus on The Circle of Influence (to use a Covey term). Loads of piss and vinegar here.

His best performances happened when he was testing his thrill limits...see the Wiki for a list of his greatest feats off the field. (Actually, the Wikipedia has about all you need to know about his team's snatching defeat from the jaws of victory stay under the Criticism Headline)

Video of him slapping himself this year have been removed from the web for some reason. Story of him playfully slapping a recruit will never go away.

The boys at "Every Day Should Be Saturday" had one of the funniest satires on JL's inability to finish his lunch, let alone finish games with a win.

Gotta finish with the meltdown on ABC TV during last year's Ohio State game.

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