November 06, 2006

A survey of the polls, including the OCF Top 13

CBS Sportsline does a nice job putting the Big Three Polls together, then adding their own.

On another CBS page, you can see how strongly Louisville moved up to #3 after their 44-34 win over West Virginia Thursday Night. Florida, Texas and Auburn are tightly wound from 3-6, but I wonder if one-loss Cal should beat any of them. On the 18th (yes, same day as that game in Ohio) Cal and USC square off for the Pac Ten championship.

And now, for the OCF TOP 13

  • 1. Michigan 10-0
  • 2. Ohio State 10-0
  • 3. Louisville 9-0
  • 4. Texas (lost to Ohio State)
  • 5. Cal (lost to Tennessee)
  • 6. Florida (lost to Auburn)
  • 7. Arkansas (lost to USC)
  • 8. West Virginia (dropping like a rock)
  • 9. Auburn (lost to Arkansas)
  • 10. USC (lost to Oregon State, who followed thru nicely)
  • 11. Rutgers 8-0
  • 12. Boise State 9-0
  • 13. Notre Dame (lost to Michigan, and against my better judgement)
On the radar - Oklahoma and LSU (very hard to leave them out even with two losses), Wisconsin (with a bullet), Wake Forest (now my pick for the ACC Championship)

Off the radar - Missouri (couldn't play up with the big boys, but very young team)

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