November 04, 2006

Life Lessons from the Big Ten "Lookaheads"

OSU squeaks by Illinois 17-10.
Ball State battles Michigan to the wire in the Big House.

Someone tell the Buckeye and Wolverine players that the big game is on the 18th, not next week? I have heard of teams looking ahead past the current week opponents, but not the next two in anticipation of the Game of the Year!

Reminded me of a business situation recently where I was so focused on discussing business with a big client on a Thursday that I wasn't properly prepared for other clients on Tuesday and Wednesday - and they could tell.

We have all had those situations pop up personally where we looked ahead, like thinking about an anniversary so much that we forget a birthday...maybe I am hitting too close to home.

It wouldn't surprise me if Michigan began working last week on packages to prep for the Ohio State game, even with Ball State and Indiana on the docket. Buckeyes should have known better to overlook a getting-hotter Illini squad, and now they get a Northwestern team fresh off an upset and playing well for the first time this year (remember their loss to New Hampshire?)

I expect that both Big Ten behemoths will be on their best behavior, with watered-down offensive and defensive packages this weekend.

Don't let that lesson be lost on you to live in the moment or your future may not mean as much. Tolstoy said it better...

“There is only one time that is important—NOW!! It is the most important time because it is the only time that we have any power.”

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