November 19, 2006

Hey, didn't you used to be Rutgers?

No more Cinderella, and now no more Rutgers in the national title talk. Those in favor of the dissolution of the BCS got knocked out Saturday as the last remaining undefeated not located in Idaho failed in its bid for a perfect season.

#8 Rutgers undefeated no more as Cincinnati thoroughly whipped, imprisoned, then impaled the Knights 30-11. As the Buckeyes closed their season and Troy Smith closed his Heisman campaign with scream, Rutgers went all Braden Looper by blowing their chance and since they were down so early they had to abandon the run, hence Raymell Rice's Heisman campaign with a whisper. It obviously left a bad taste in FB Brian Leonard's mouth...

I had borrowed the idea of a meta-playoff from Matt Sussman a week ago, and one of those games officially will not happen now - much less interest in that December 2 game of Rutgers and West Virginia.

Finally, it is quite interesting how this loss affected the rankings. In the BCS, this Rutgers loss makes the Louisville loss much more hurtful to the Cardinals...Mountaineers back up to #7, Louisville down to #9.

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