November 11, 2006

It's a BC-Mess!

3, 5, 6, 8, playoff proponents appreciate all the upsets, and what a shakeup the BCS will be late Sunday!

As if any better scenario could unfold for Rutgers and Arkansas improbable returns to greatness (as if Rutgers was ever this successful?), four of the top teams in the land lose and part the BCS like Charlton Heston parted the Red Sea.

Let us roll thru the top ten losses with what I imagine (or actually heard) from the local radio guys, and the three others that were way too freaking close for comfort and would have led to mass hysteria.

Thursday - Rutgers beats #3 Louisville

1:30pm EDT
- you probably heard this clip on a sports radio - "Going into halftime, and Georgia is putting a beatdown on the Tigers, and there is another score, Georgia 30-7." BCS #5 War Eagles clipped by the Bulldogs 37-15. Star of the game was the defense led by CB Tra Battle and his three picks, one of which was a pick-six.

4pm PDT - "Star QB Nate Longshore back to pass again, looking for star WR DeSean...oh, fiddlesticks, Antoine Cason, that damned Thorpe Award nominee, just jumped the route and runs it back 40 yards for the score." Somehow, Arizona had all the bounces go their way and ended up with a Wildcat 24-20 win over #8 California.

9:30pm - "Colt McCoy on the sneak, and TOUCHDOWN LONGHORNS, and Manhattan goes silent" At least until McCoy suffered from a neck stinger and didn't return. Kansas State's freshman QB Josh Freeman chose to make the stage his own, with three TD passes and one running as the Kansas State Wildcats sneak by the Longhorns 45-42 on a Jeff Snodgrass 51-yard field goal with 3:19 left. Freeman got lots of love from the ABC crew covering the game, although the blathering was so banal that I couldn't tell you if it was Brent Musberger or Mark Jones on the mike.

You thought that the upsets were nail biters, fans of the Broncos, Sooners and Gators masticated down to the quick.

While at my good friend Doug's wedding, most of the invited pulled the ultimate faux pas of priorities as we gathered around the TV at the bar. The unwashed were rewarded as we watched the THIRD BLOCKED KICK by the Gators to survive a Spurrier-led South Carolina scare 17-16.

Sooners were without their main RB named AP - not just Adrian Peterson, but Allen Patrick also. WR/QB Paul Thompson had a career day throwing for 301 yards in their narrow victory over Texas Tech. (Sooners are rewarding my pre-season faith in them. Granted, I bailed on them after the Oregon loss...)

And readers know of my appreciation for the team of the Blue Turf...San Jose State put one hell of a scare for all the BCS-busting fans out there, but the Boise State Broncos put 11 points on the board in the last 5 minutes to squeak out the victory 23-20.

More on the BCS late Sunday...I gotta think Rutgers is #6 at least? As well as my Top 13.

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