November 12, 2006

Player of the Year Award Standings

While Darren McFadden and Colt Brennan are doing all they can to showcase their immense talents, four TDs by Ohio State QB Troy Smith goes a long way to setup another Buckeye to win the DAC trophy in 2006.

Especially with The Game on Saturday. At 3:30pm EDT. If you haven't heard, undefeated #1 and #2 square off in Columbus?

Since I expect that Smith will lock up the votes for the statue pictured to the right regardless of the outcome on Saturday, I choose to make my own Player of the Year rankings public.

The Winner will receive a wonderfully designed certificate, which they can download from this site before the first bowl game.

My Player of the Year Standings
  1. Troy Smith, Ohio State
  2. Colt Brennan, Hawaii
  3. Raymell Rice, RB, Rutgers
  4. Darren McFadden, Arkansas
  5. Ian Johnson, Boise State
  6. Steve Slaton, West Virginia

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