November 13, 2006

A Meta-playoff? A quasi-playoff?

By the way, college football playoffs do begin soon. Expect that I will fully get behind Mount Union again for the D3 title.

That is right, a 32-team playoff in D3. 24 in D2.

Did you know there really isn't a D1-AA anymore? Division One is broken up into a Bowl Subdivision and a Championship Subdivision. Is there any more clear signal that the NCAA doesn't comprehend its own hypocrisy? I understand an Appalachian State vs. North Dakota State bowl game would be attended only by friends and family that are willing to travel, but if you like the bowl money over the playoffs just say so - Mr. Brand would be surprised how good honesty is for that weight you feel on your chest during media interviews.

Suss--, one of my favorite commentors on Deadspin, worked ahead on the remaining schedule in Division 1, er, the Bowl Subdivision, and uncovered a legitimate eight-team playoff schedule over the next couple weeks...

...oh, wait:

(1) Ohio State vs. (2) Michigan (November 18)
(3) USC vs. (5) Notre Dame (Happy Thanksgiving Weekend)
(4) Florida vs. (7) Arkansas (potential SEC Championship)
(6) Rutgers vs. (8) West Virginia (December 2)

As I said later in the Rutgers thread, those calling for the end of the BCS would do well to "prefer the devil you know". All the college football world needs is a Wake Forest to rally thru a 16-team playoff to get the Midwesterners up in arms that the best team didn't win.

Remember, I am the guy who likes the current system - no other sport allows their regular season to count for so much.

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