November 11, 2006

That Bullet must have been tired...

One of my favorite college football traditions (right behind the "dotting of the I" at Ohio State, the yearly chants of "Nobel Prize" at Cal and the pelting of opponents with tortillas in Lubbock) is the running of a large black quarterhorse named Bullet after every Oklahoma State touchdown.

The Cowboys whooped up on the Baylor Bears 66-24 just one week after being shutout offensively at Texas. Two passing TDs, five running, and two touchdowns on defense made up for the lack of production last week.

Bullet was caught in this exclusive photo back at his stable at the OSU Equine Studies stable...

Reports by OCF reporters immersed in the Stillwater area stated that Bullet ate twice the normal amount of feed, required three times the water, and turned down the opportunity to stud later that night.

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