November 20, 2006

Buckeye vs. Wolverine in the steel cage?

All this talk of rematches in the national title game made me think of all those hokie rematch slogans in pro wrestling. You know, like...

"Last time on RAW, Big Willie watched his girlfriend Catalina get hogtied to the ropes of the ring while he was held down by Captain America - this time, he means war on this weekend's pay-per-view!"

What do you think Fox will bring to the table for a slogan?

So Michigan and Ohio State clearly illustrated themselves to be the top two teams in the land on Saturday, even though both defenses took the day off. USC beat Cal, but the game was closer than the 22-9 final. Florida walked over 5A state runner-up Western Carolina, Arkansas punked the Bulldogs, and Notre Dame made our Army look like a third-world force.

So the BCS Championship Game boils down to this if you do not want to see the rematch, you need USC to get the popular vote by crushing the Irish, and/or you want to see Arkansas punish Florida in the SEC Championship game since the Hogs have the better loss to USC.

ESPN's Brad Edwards says Notre Dame has no chance - I like the sound of that.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of wrestling.... What ever happened to George "The Animal" Steele?

Sportsbook said...

Out of curiosity I was browing Ebay to see what people are flogging for the Wolverine vs Buckeye game tomorrow. Once brazen ebay seller is actually trying to sell 1 ticket (ya that's right, one.. no friend can come along with you) for a starting bid of $10,000 and a buy it now price of $12,000! Looks to me like it may even be down in the student section... ya, that would be fun, sitting in the student section in Columbus wearing you favorite Michigan shwag! Can you believe this dude? I'm not sure who's mopre of an idiot.. this guy trying to actually sell the ticket or someone dumb enough to pay that price. $10k+... I think I'd rather go to Vegas, watch the game in the sportsbook or online poker ESPN zone, stay at the Venetian, and drop the rest of the cash at the black jack sportsbooktable... simply amazing... Go Blue