November 26, 2006

A survey on coaching situations

North Texas moved first by dumping Head Coach Darrel Dickey just a few months after a heart attack. Honestly, it doesn't get much rougher than that.

Larry Coker was next, then UNC's John Bunting, then John L. Smith, then Iowa State's Dan McCarney... but Sunday axes truly started to swing.
Others on the hot seat:

Mike Shula, Alabama - another loss to Auburn fanned the rumor flames, and no bowl game in the immediate future. I give him even odds.
Rich Brooks, Kentucky - although he finished the season strong and has a bright future with that offense. Brooks should be good for another season.

Coaches for whom I fear:

Mike Bellotti, Oregon - an amazing collapse of a season among a series of excellent campaigns.
JD Brookhart, Akron - horrible follow-up to MAC Championship, but he is doing great work.
Chuck Long, San Diego State - first year was as successful as Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - but no ne in management at either production should worry about early returns given all the resumes.
Walt Harris, Stanford - he didn't suddenly forget everything about offensive football. The injury list was deep and wide - Jack Kevorkian could be the team doctor.

Guys who I can't believe have jobs:

Bobby Bowden, FSU - see earlier article
Tommy West, Memphis - OK, Year One without DeAngelo Williams was supposed to be hard, but firing your DC mid-way through the season triggered a full-on collapse.
Ron Zook, Illinois - although I give him credit for moments of glory this year - he just needs a ton more moments.
Ed Orgeron, Ole Miss - sold his season's soul for QB Brent Schaeffer, and it took six weeks for him to get comfy in the offense. Plus, his temper is reaching legendary proportions. Their regents deserve this for the handling of David Cutcliffe.

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The College Game said...

Rich Brooks is getting praise here in Lexington, but defensive coordinator Mike Archer is ready to get run out of town. Good thing he/the Cats had a decent showing in Knoxville this weekend.

Randy Shannon to Notre Dame as the DC if he doesn't get Miami?

Vince said...

Kentucky is a fun team.

I love the Chizik hire by Iowa State - just surprised he took that job, even though it is the Big 12. He held out for so long, na' mean?

Randy Shannon should get an HC job if he wants one - what else does he have to prove? He should leave if Miami brings in an outsider.