November 13, 2006

On College Football Top 13

  1. Michigan (#1 on computers for second week in a row)
  2. Ohio State (hosting The Game)
  3. Florida (no style points help)
  4. Arkansas (that USC loss seems so long ago - great D)
  5. Rutgers (a/k/a Cinderella, Feel Good Story of 2006)
  6. USC (the dominance of Arkansas seems so long ago)
  7. Notre Dame (they may actually deserve this)
  8. Louisville (10-0 was theirs)
  9. West Virginia (Stay up with us on Dec 2)
  10. Oklahoma (they are playing as well as anyone)
  11. Wake Forest (one botched FG away from undefeated)
  12. Boise State (one botched FG away from bye-bye)
  13. Cal (will beat USC this week)

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