November 10, 2006

Louisville gets the gas face

Seemingly lost in all the pro-Rutgers discussion on the web (look no farther than one story below) is any discussion of Louisville's inability to finish a season.

I look to fill that void (I'd be an angry looking bird too).

When the best of success and the promise of a chance at a championship awaits them, the Cardinals tend to fold like origami.

October 15, 2005
24-7 lead going into the around the nation hear the name Steve Slaton as he scores six TDs in an overtime come-from-behind thriller, WVU wins 46-44

September 2005
Cardinals go to Tampa and get throttled by the USF Bulls 45-14. Simply an embarrassing effort after cracking the Top 25 just a week before.

October 14, 2004
On national television again, #17 Cardinals led 38-34 in the Orange Bowl in the fourth (as much as 17 pts in the game), but a suspect D that made Brock Berlin actually look good (308 and 3TD) and #3 Miami (FL) TD with under a minute to go became a 41-38 loss. This was the only blemish on an 11-1 season. I cannot confirm it in a quick search of the net, but I think this is the game when a Louisville safety dropped an easy interception in the final drive that would have won it.

Please, I am not here to piss on the Rutgers' fans Corn Flakes - I am just providing a dispassionate and balanced observation of the sport.

I really hope that most readers get the Gas Face of the best rap videos of all time, if not one of the more clever raps about race relations and MC Hammer mocking rolled into one. If not, thank you YouTube for your amazing disdain for copyright protection...


Dinger's said...

Good point about Louisville. I hadn't really thought of Brohm as a choker until I read it.

Vince said...

One thing I didn't do was point fingers at players. It could be Petrino, could be injuries (Bush, Brohm, JR Russell, et al.), I just thought I'd play Devil's Advocate.

Steve Y said...

That safety you speak of in the Miami debacle is named Kerry Rhodes and now starts for the Jets. How that is possible after dashing the hopes of an entire city with his inability to catch a football is lost on me.