October 01, 2006


NIU's Watch Wolfe Heisman PunditThanks, NIU USA Today POW

All instances this weekend where people are beginning a grass-roots campaign for Northern Illinois' RB Garrett Wolfe (right) as a legitimate Heisman candidate.

The numbers are both beautiful and disgusting: In just five games and 127 carries, he now owns the NCAA record for yards in the first five at 1181. His 236 ypg is 75ypg better than the #2, Raymell Rice of Rutgers. Did I mention 11 TDs as well?

Roughly double these numbers for a season projection (10 gm rather than 12 gm could allow for an off-game, like ONLY 102 yds) would be:

252 carries, 2362 yds and 22 TDs.

That should get him to the Downtown Athletic Club, no?

I will leave the punditry on the Heisman Trophy to none other than HeismanPundit.com - I will be rooting for Wolfe as the small school upset candidate!

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Anonymous said...

Wolfe rocks... he had over 170 rushing and about 100 receiving on Ohio St in game 1. Yeah why not Wolfe for Heisman.

Now if we can get Chase Holbrook to the DAC, too