April 05, 2007

Let the Colt Brennan for Heisman hype begin!

USA Today leaps off the starting blocks to discuss the huge season expected from Hawaii QB Colt Brennan in the fall.

I fully expect Brennan to throw for 50 TDs and 5000 yards - the only negatives that I see are the loss of a couple offensive lineman and stud RB Nate Ilaoa. USA Today astutely points out some scheduling issues that won't help either.

Stay tuned - the Fantasy College Blitz crew and I are working on our own special brand of promotion for this very campaign.


Anonymous said...

It is very necessary to consider Colt Brennan as one of the top prospects in the 2008 NFL Draft. Of course, he goes against the grain for various reasons such as he plays for Hawaii's pass-happy system against mediocre teams, and doesn't get much national airplay, but his skill cannot be denied.

For me personally, I feel that those who put him in the category of his predecessor, Timmy Chang, just haven't really looked into him enough. I don't think it takes much more of an effort to combine passing yardage with accuracy, and see that this guy throws the ball a lot more times than other QBs and completes more of them percentagewise than other QBs. Sure, Hawaii plays in the WAC but his numbers and performance does not falter much at all when facing tougher opponents.

In all, people should pay attention to that team in the middle of the Pacific. Only five other teams had more players drafted to the NFL than Hawaii and with the return of many more prospects inclding Brennan, they must be doing something right out there.

Kiley said...

Colt Brennan is still being sold a little short. There isn't enough mention of him breaking the NCAA record for passing efficiency (186.0), his gaudy completion percentage (73%), or his career INT/pass attempts (25/1074). All of these numbers are independent of the system the QB plays in. Things like yards and TDs, ok, the system helps, but you need someone who can put the ball in the receiver's hands on a consistent basis. And Colt Brennan was more consistent over more attempts than anyone else in the country in 2006.
The strength of schedule for Hawaii in 2007 is definitely weaker than it should be especially with two DIAA schools, but also remember that Michigan State would have been in place of one of those school had they not pulled out of the agreement. Also, in 2006, Colt Brennan did very well against the "big time" teams he has faced. He put up 350 yards at a 68.2% completion rate at Alabama, 434 yards at 68.8% against Purdue, 401 yards at 74% (!) against Oregon State, 388 yards at 68.4% at Boise State (a team that, last I heard, did pretty well in their bowl game), and capped the season with a 559 yards at 78.6% (!!!) against Arizona State.

So, combined against two PAC-10 teams, a Big Ten bowl team, an SEC perennial powerhouse, and the WAC champion 5 years and running, he threw for 2132 yards at a 71.8% rate for 17 touchdowns.

Another often overlooked stat is his ability to scramble and get the yards when needed. On top of his gaudy passing statistics is 366 rushing yards and 5 rushing touchdowns. Not bad for the most prolific passing quarterback in the country.

And one more thing you have to look at when you mull over these numbers is the fact that he watched three games from the sidelines in the third quarter. Combine that with the minutes he spent on the bench in fourth quarters and you've got more than an extra game of stats that could've been included in one of the most productive seasons in NCAA history.

Anonymous said...

Hey whats up fellas!!
With out doubt, Colt Brennan will be at the top of the wish list for the NFL!!! People need to look at the tape, his accuracy is of high caliber!! Yes, the season for U.H is weak, but with a reason.. USC almighty, bowed out of the season and paid their fine to do so. Which alone should send ripples of credibility, that COLT is a force to be reckon!!! Alabama, also paid their fine chosing not to play Hawaii.. In fact alot of schools were invited as well as asked for play time where ever when ever, but NOONE was willing to take a chance!!! So all these people talking about Colt not being a factor in NCAA or Heisman, just made it fact, with all these teams (well high caliber teams, mind you) not willing to , shit, lets just say it! TEAMS SCARED TO PLAY HAWAII!!! Colt will make a statement with his play time this year. Colt is Heisman material, he is a team player, and plays with accuracy of the likes of Troy Aikman, Staubach, Montanna, or Young. Yes, let the Colt for Heisman hype begin!!!!

USC, you all are weak for not taking the challenge, Carroll, you talk of confidence but sell out of a Hawaii game? Not so confident against Hawaii and Colt I guess!!!

Just like a true Trojan, "be protected when your about to get F%$#@$d!!


BIG Bear


It's funny looking back at these comments and then looking at how miserably Colt Brennan failed in the NFL. He was an embarrassment and these comments come off as comical now. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about an embarrassing career! Colt Brennan completely flopped and FAILED in the NFL. He shamed Hawaii by his failure. Love, smiley4284

extremeskinsAPE said...

A complete washout. Where is this little wacky QB at now anyhow?


Last time I heard, this loser was on the fringe of getting cut in the CFL. He has been a COMPLETE DUMPSTER FIRE.

thomasmac said...

Cut...again....Roughriders dumped his sorry ass. All the idiots who thought he'd be something, FUNNY!!! lol