April 12, 2007

NFL Draft Preview: Miami Dolphins

Let me introduce you to my longtime friend Brett White, a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan and as willing to share his own irrreverent opinion as anyone. Brett will break down the AFC East for us as we approach the NFL Draft on April 28.

Brett White, locked and loaded:

Listen to these words carefully: Daunte Culpepper will have a second surgery on his maligned knee.

Here's what will happen: Dolphins want Chief Trent Green for a 6th rounder. KC wants 2nd or 3rd. Dolphins will succumb somewhat and offer a 4th and get him. This will help the Chiefs replace their 4th round pick they lost. Dolphins will sign T. Green and release Culpepper. If they do not land Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn at the current number nine pick they will go after a QB later in the draft- say Michigan State's Drew Stanton- since they lost out on Drew Brees in 2006 (whoops).

My projection for the Dolphins is Penn State OT Levi Brown (that's Offensive Tackle not Occupational Therapist) with their first round pick and then pick a QB and a DT/ CB with their two 2nd round picks. Levi Brown is a starter from year one - let him play. I expect the Trent Green announcement to happen sooner rather than later- I originally expected a draft day type deal.

Daunte Culpepper to be released? Let's be honest. Daunte has not looked too swell since being injured. Now I am not saying that his comeback will go as poorly as the 80's technotronic band "A Flock of Seagulls"; but why wait around? If they are even showing interest in Trent Green it speaks volumes.

And you cannot keep both. Releasing Daunte will allow Trent Green to be the starter for a season or two while they groom their QB of the future say John Beck of BYU or Drew Stanton of Michigan State.

If Levi Brown goes prior to the Dolphins #9 pick- look for them to take Michigan DT Allan Branch. They will undoubtedly shore up offensive line or get younger on defense in the first round.

Next Up: The rest of AFC East and how the Patriots this offseason were busier than Don Imus' PR expert.

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