July 14, 2006

Bobby Petrino signs 10-year deal...

so if history is any indication, that means that he will be looking for a different gig by 2009.

But for now, Louisville wraps up the head coaching sensation with a ten-year deal worth a minimum of $25.5 million dollars.

Notice in the story that Petrino parlayed the long-term deal so he could also have a $1 million dollar buyout. I guarantee that cash is in a money market or short-term agency bond as we speak to get him on the move.

It is so easy to pick on Petrino because of his noted flirtations with (insert NFL or BCS Conference power here), but let me give some props to the man. You don't get this much interest from the sport's elite programs unless you are just that good. Kinda like that gorgeous brunette at work who always has a lunch date and you just can't seem to work yourself in - you know she just has a way to make her suitors come back for more. Petrino's offense again scored 42 or more in seven games last year, and in 2006 is positioning two players for Heisman, RB Michael Bush and QB Brian Brohm.

But set your calendars for 2008 when Bobby Bowden or JoePa finally hang it up to collect their SSA money. Picture Bobby P on private jets with the finest meats and cheeses served on a platter, offering forth a kingdom of elite recruits and the finest in discreet co-eds to truly make it his dream job.

"For me and for my family, Louisville is home," he told Louisville's athletic board.

Thank goodness for the liquid real estate market.

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