July 25, 2006

Taylor up in smoke at Texas, leaving Longhorns

The four-letter network ESPN reports that slash star Ramonce Taylor is leaving the University of Texas voluntarily after a tumultuous off-season of poor academics and arrest for marijuana possession. Five pounds of the stuff.

Understandably, Moms is pissed...

"Ramonce is responsible for his bad decisions," his mother, Ramona Clark, told the newspaper. "But he's innocent until proven guilty in the criminal case, and we tried to get information as to what it would take academically for him to be eligible at Texas. I never felt like we got a straight answer from those overseeing Ramonce's academics."
Nothing like the sweet taste of bitterness....I am being tough, his mother's quote is actually pretty well-grounded in reality - taking responsibility but taking one last jab on her way out the door. Just help your troubled child get his feet on the ground (but hopefully not on the grass).

Impact to the Longhorns? Infinitesimal. They are loaded like a Chipotle burrito...

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