July 21, 2006

Miami Hurricane shot, no one surprised...

According to USA Today today, Miami Hurricanes reserve safety Willie Cooper was shot in the buttocks when confronted in his yard Friday morning by an unknown person who fled after another player returned gunfire.

OK, no big deal - backups have had their share of trouble since the days of Marty Gallagher voluntarily throwing up on cars for fun all around campus in the early 90's. All those situps can really develop the abdominal muscles...

But wait, it gets better...
Brandon Meriweather pulled a pistol from his pants pocket and fired three times at the person, who jumped a fence and fled with another person in a car, police said.
OK, now Meriweather has skills - he is on some preseason all-conference lists. It seems he is always strapped, since this incident happened before 7 am.

I was trying to think of other school hijinx that would surprise no one, I came up with a short list...
  • Oklahoma player seeks alcohol counseling.
  • Washington Husky found betting on March Madness
  • Florida State linebacker received free shoes
  • Tennessee player arrested
  • Pittsburgh offense can't score
  • Cal captain wins Nobel Prize for Economics
This list is probably just getting started...I know you Ohio State and Michigan fans are loaded to bear (that is why I left them out, give you all plenty of room to obliterate the boundaries of good taste). Let the comments roll!


PH as in Phat said...

Georgia recruit sells state champ ring

Anonymous said...

In addition to a player being shot, four Hurricanes have just been suspended and will not be able to play in the season opener against FSU.
Hurricane players in trouble?! What a shock.

Also, just to update linebacker Williie Williams' score card.
17 tackles, 11 felony arrests.
Now he wants a transfer to a 1A school since he isn't earning enough playing time. Tennessee and West Virginia were a couple schools that he wanted to transfer and they turned him down flat. Good for them!
In fact, even the Big 10's Father Flannigan, Jim Tressel, wouldn't take on that much baggage.