July 20, 2006

College Football Player "Bermanisms"

I know, the pop-culture-play-on-words nicknames are played out, but fun nonetheless regardless of intellectual vacuousness...here are pastes of what started as a discussion on fantasy college football QBs this year that degraded, thanks to Daniel, Sooner Billy and me (originally posted on Fantasy College Blitz) .

  • Eric "Easy-Eh" Deslauriers (Eastern Michigan WR)
  • John "David" Beck "ham" -or- John "Odelay" Beck (BYU)
  • Brian Brohm (Louisville)
  • Ted Ginn "and Juice"(OSU overhyped WR)
  • "Uncle" Lester Ricard (Tulane QB)
  • Steven "Miss" Moffett (UCF QB)
  • Jeff Rowe "Row Row Your Boat"(Nevada QB)
  • Lonta "Calvin and" Hobbs (TCU RB)
  • Jon "Game Hen" Cornish (Kansas RB)
  • Cedric "Going, Going" Gagne-Marcoux (UCF OL)
  • Wil "The Test" Proctor (Clemson QB)
  • Ken "Terrance Trent" Darby (Bama RB)
  • Rocky "Bee" Hinds (UNLV QB)
  • Johnnie Lee "Professor" Higgins (UTEP WR)
  • Jon "Weekly Show" Stewart (Oregon RB)
  • Reggie "Rubber" Ball (Ga Tech QB, who bounces a few passes)
  • Keegan "Smoked" Herring (Ariz St RB)
  • Sam "Ain't No" Hollenback "Girl" (Maryland QB)
  • Alex "On The" Brink (Wash St QB)
  • Chris "Biz" Markey (UCLA RB)
  • Colt "Real" McCoy (Texas QB)
  • Kory "Satin" Sheets (Purdue RB)
  • Maurice "Multi" Linguist (Baylor LB)
  • Bryan "Truman" Cupito (Minny QB)
  • John "Plaster" Stocco (Wisky QB)
  • Javon "Dead" Ringer (Mich State RB)
There is a very definable standard deviation of quality above...some horrible, some great. Add as you see fit on the comments.


Devil's Advocate said...

Mo "Cunning" Linguist
John David "Shake Your" Booty
Raymell "Fried" Rice

Carey said...

Quinton "Parting of the Red Sea" Moses

Anonymous said...

"San" Quentin Moses???

love the Biz Markey and the Ginn and Juice

PH as in Phat said...

Garret "hungry like the" Wolfe