January 09, 2007

Carnivores crush confections - Gators take the title 41-14

Gators shocked the world last night in a 41-14 palindromic spanking/shellacking/ass-kicking/pummeling/anihilating defeat of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Buckeyes only earned 87 yards from scrimmage against a fierce and fast (and sometimes helmetless) defense.

Because of that defense, the Gator efficient and creative offense had a short field to use most of the evening, only enhancing the shifting/metamorphisizing Chris Leak-led side's ability to create points.

My best takeway to share with my readers - stop the Urban Meyer hating. He turned around Bowling Green, got Utah a BCS game victory, and now has achieved a national championship in his second year at Florida. He deserves the compensation and the upper-echelon respect.

Granted the roster spills over with Ron Zook's recruits, but that doesn't diminish the accomplishment. That would be like crediting the migrant worker for farming the clay when the artist formed the pottery. Wow, I must really be hung over to pull that allegory out of my arse.

I will wrap it up with some clips of assorted things I overheard or read while viewing the game.

"Well, shit!" - Neil at the initial kick return of Ted Ginn to give the
Buckeyes the 7-0 lead.

"For chrissakes, Tebow runs right! Do your
homework!" - Jerry

"That Heisman is coming in handy..." - John

"There are ten OSU fans for every Gator fan here. I am loving
this!" - Jeff texting me from the top row of University of Phoenix

"Rex Grossman just said, 'Man, those stats suck!'" - Drew
reacting to Troy Smith's 4-11 for 80 yards graphic in the second half.

"No" - Drew's response at halftime when I asked if I could still get the
6.5 points he was offering to Gators before the game.

"Troy Smith may be the third best QB tonight..." - Brent Musberger on ESPN
Radio. What a ridiculous statement, BTW.

Posting activity will go way down until after spring ball, but stay tuned for some NFL Draft coverage over the next couple months - just got my press passes for the Senior Bowl!

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Anonymous said...

One of my close friends, a devoted Go Gator guy, could do nothing but spew hatred at anyone, namely Lee Corso, for insinuating that Zook had anything to do with the win.

I guess just winning the damn game wasn't enough...they have to win it with an asterisk...