January 17, 2007

Colt Brennan will run and shoot at Hawai'i in 2007

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin reports that Colt Brennan will return to Hawaii for his senior year as he continues to assault the NCAA record book.The relevant quotes:

Brennan was advised by the NFL that he is a likely second round pick in the April 28-29 draft in New York. He is generally rated the third best quarterback available in the draft, behind JaMarcus Russell of Louisiana State and Brady Quinn of Notre Dame.

His accuracy as a passer is unquestioned, but at 6-feet-3 and 200 pounds, Brennan is not as big as some of the other top pro quarterback prospects. But many other smaller quarterbacks, such as Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints and Marc Bulger of the St. Louis Rams, enjoy success in the NFL...

Dozens of teammates stood outside of the Stan Sheriff Center minutes before Brennan's news conference today. Slotback Mike Washington held a homemade sign that said "1 more year ... or" on one side and "we fly for Ty" on the other, referring to Tyler Graunke, who is next in line to quarterback the Warriors.

Those who possess the first pick in next year's fantasy drafts exhaled a sigh of relief with this news, especially Benny in our league.

Early prediction - with the return of FOUR possible NFL wide receivers (Bess, Grice-Mullin, Rivers, Sample), gotta expect 5000 yards again and 50 TDs - did I mention serious Heisman consideration? My position has always been he is much more talented that the robot Timmy Chang.

Stay classy, Colt.


Anonymous said...

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smiley4284 said...

I hate Colt Brennan because he failed so hard in the NFL and then humiliated us in the UFL. :(

POCOLOCO said...

My goodness this guy fell off the face of the earth, what a failure!!!!