January 27, 2007

Fantasy College Blitz at the Senior Bowl

Our road trip to Mobile no doubt mimicked the journey many of these elite college football players' careers have taken to the 2007 Senior Bowl.

The exciting highs and the gut wrenching lows at the penultimate level of competition culminate at this all-star event...Not really-the trip in my Urban Assault Vehicle paled in comparison. There is a whole lotta nothin' between Tallahassee and Mobile on I-10 so you better sync up the iPod before this trip.

Weather conditions look poor for quality foootball-light rain should make ball handling difficult. Of course, right after I type that the North goes 34 yards on a double reverse to the North's Jason Hill.

Stories will follow here and at Fantasy College Blitz - Daniel will review QB and K, Drew grabs the RB, and I will break down the WR and TE

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