January 02, 2007

Boise tricks out the bandwagon, beats Oklahoma

I am not sure I can add anything to the amazing Fiesta Bowl last night, a 43-42 Boise State victory over Oklahoma .

If you went to bed after Oklahoma ran back the interception to take the lead right around midnight (Cinderella reference, anyone?), shame on you. It speaks to your faith, man... all of Idaho is weeping today.

Below is a YouTube clip that neatly summarizes the last three minutes of regulation and the OT - I swore I was watching a treatment for a film script unfold, and then to add to the surreality of the Boise win, RB Ian Johnson proposes to the lead cheerleader afterwards!

BTW, I do not think this means we need a playoff to let teams like Boise get their shot at a title. 13-0 is a great achievement and my love for the Boise program is clear, but they would be an 8-4 team at best in the Big Ten. And that takes nothing away from their amazing story this year!

My lovely wife pointed out a great body double/doppleganger during the game...Boise coach Chris Peterson and Billy Bob Thornton...spooky!

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