January 17, 2007

Sooey, what a calamity in Fayetteville

Rumors and Rants breaks down the insanity at the University of Arkansas over the past couple months - latest news is super recruit QB Mitch Mustain is high tailing it out of town, likely to Tulsa but possibly to Oklahoma. Well did, Sports Yenta.

This story reminds me of my buddy KC's rant after the parents' meeting with AD Frank Broyles after the SEC Championship Game. You will have to trust me on the content of his verbal rant, as his blog is as empty and vapid as Paris Hilton...

"WTF is this? The parents are visiting the AD? If this were any other school, the AD would listen politely, tell them to gather their Capri Suns and orange slices and say thanks them for coming! Arkansas goes to the Championship of the toughest conference in the game, and little Damian is crying in his shin guards that he didn't get 10 catches a game? YOU FREAKING BEAT AUBURN! YOU FREAKING HAVE DARREN MCFADDEN TO RUN THE BALL! Hit the weights, block down on the LB and be a good soldier, freshman!"

So, in summation, this post was to vent on the Arkansas program and to yearn for the day when KC will step up on his golf blog. I never asked him what he dislikes so much about kids' soccer, I fear I could get a punch in the neck.

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