August 23, 2006

Calvin Johnson doesn't lack for confidence

Nor should he. The freakish Georgia Tech Yellowjackets wide receiver was profiled in the Sporting News Perfect Player series this week and gave a window into his ego:

TSN: What kind of cornerbacks give you the most trouble?
CJ: Mmmm, I haven't had too much of a problem with any of them.
And no, they didn't ask what kind of numbers that he would put up with any quarterback not named Reggie Ball.

This one sent me to YouTube for the clip - thank God for free video...

TSN: What's your most memorable play at Tech?
CJ: N.C. State, freshman year, I caught a ball one-handed, behind my back. I was going over the middle, and the ball was behind me. I just reacted. Was I surprised I came down with it? Probably so.

Love that guy...

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