August 08, 2006

Odds to win the Heisman

Thanks to for the lines - perhaps I need to change my poll to the right?

Name (School) Odds:1

Brady Quinn (Notre Dame) 2.5
Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma) 3.5
Troy Smith (Ohio State) 7
Chris Leak (Florida) 15
Mike Hart (Michigan) 15
Ted Ginn Jr. (Ohio State) 15
Steve Slaton (West Virginia) 16
Darius Walker (Notre Dame) 20
John David Booty (USC) 20
Michael Bush (Louisville) 20
Marshawn Lynch (California 22
Chad Henne (Michigan) 25
Kenny Irons (Auburn) 25
Drew Tate (Iowa) 30
Kenneth Darby (Alabama) 31
Brian Brohm (Louisville) 35
Blake Mitchell (South Carolina) 50
Derrick Williams (Penn State) 50
Drew Stanton (Michigan State) 50
Drew Weatherford (Florida State) 50
Kyle Wright (Miami FL) 50
JaMarcus Russell (LSU) 70
Reggie Ball (Georgia Tech) 75
Willie Tuitama (Arizona) 80
I might like Booty and Bush (quiet out there, double entendre not meant!) and Lynch in the 20:1 area. Good potential ROI if I didn't think the media has wrapped it up for Quinn already!

Position Breakdown:
  • 14 QBs
  • 8 RBs (Hart? I'll give those odds to any takers, we' ll hold at a friend's PayPal address - cool?)
  • 2 WRs (none named Johnson - damn shame.)

Please paste other books you find, or comment on any names here - I am also shocked that AP is so high with all the offensive turmoil.


Anonymous said...

2 WR's but no Jarrett?? What kind of insanity?

Vince said...

Tis true, I tell ya. I am guessing some books have Jarrett, while others won't have Willie Tuitama...Just guessing!