August 15, 2006

No kicking for this girl

Nick Mangold, the first-round draft pick out of Ohio State, has a sister who has caught the football bug. Holley Mangold is no Katie Hnida kicker however - based on a number of different variables.

No body doubles here....

For one, Holley might have punched Gary Barnett in the face if she would have endured the same treatment at Colorado like Hnida.

Holley Mangold plays on the offensive line, a 5'9" 300 lb menace to the rest of the junior varsity teams that she faces. mentions that Holley has won a couple of awards at the Ohio State football camps, if so we may see little Mangold on the varsity soon.

I was particularly struck but Ms. Mangold's commentary on kickers...
I've always thought kickers were not really part of it," she said. "They are a big part of the game but they don't get that rush of being out there. That's what I love about football, that's what kept me playing is being able to hit, and being able to run into somebody."
I wish Holley well on her football journey, but honestly her future as a shot-putter or discus athlete needs to be nurtured more for her own sake. Bless her for doing what she loves, I just hope she doesn't leave a track scholarship on the table.


PH Phat Daddy said...

WOW!! That's a big bitch!

Holley said...

no thats a big teenager...and i will take a track scholorship and i know what i do best