August 02, 2006

Later, Sooner: Bomar out at Oklahoma

Following up strongly after alcohol-related issues last year, USA Today reports quarterback Rhett Bomar was permanently dismissed from the University of Oklahoma on Wednesday after receiving "extra compensation" while working at a car dealership.

Seems that while hawking cars at Big Red Sports and Imports (sounds like trouble already), Bomar and his roomate JD Quinn made too much money given the time they were there. The school hasn't named the players, but their absence from the team roster speaks volumes.

So much for that title run! While Adrian Peterson is healthy and the defense may be the best in the nation, one of the reasons that the Sooners were a sexy pick for a national title was the emergence of Bomar as a freshman. Fantasy sites like mine were looking at him as a sleeper for a fantasy backup position. No more. Hell, I have to move WR Malcolm Kelly down my board too, and probably Peterson too since another offensive lineman is out.

While researching the story, i found at that A-P alarmed the Sooners administration in April while purchasing a car from the same dealership.

In April, Oklahoma cleared standout running back Adrian Peterson, who purchased a vehicle from the dealership before securing financing, drove it for several weeks and then returned the car. Oklahoma investigated the situation, but ruled Peterson did not violate rules because the dealership said it was normal business practice.

Is Norman geographically close to Sodom or Gommorrah?

Did you notice my lack of surprise to this story? Just a week ago I hinted at Bomar being a trouble maker, and here we go. At least that took the spotlight off Miami for a while...

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