August 06, 2006

More arrest than tackles for Willie Williams?

Can I say it is time to pull the alarm on this guy, like he did on his Gator recruiting visit?

KC in his comments earlier mentioned that former super-recruit Willie Williams could find no suitors after announcing he is leaving the Miami Hurricanes.

You knew that wouldn't last long.

The Palm Beach Post reports that Troy University made contact with no decision yet. Remember also that West Virginia was denied the chance to talk to Williams.

Really, when we all stopped being surprised that perceived talent will always outshine off-field issues will be when we have a much better balanced life. It doesn't always work out for the punk-thugs, er, student-athletes. Stay tuned.

Where else would Williams be a good fit? Besides in an orange jumpsuit, I think he could immediately help Texas A&M or UCLA. Other defenses in need of talent upgrades are Stanford, Northwestern, Duke and Rice - I cannot speak for Williams academic standing, but feel confident that those schools will not be calling.

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