August 16, 2006

Oklahoma State strikes gold

There is money, and then there is money.

Oil baron Boone Pickens dropped a nice donation in the Stillwater, OK basket this summer - $165 million earmarked specifically to athletics according to USA Today today.

For perspective, I thought of my place of worship, and wonder how many people put $165 in the basket each week - probably not many.

This gift from Pickens immediately puts OSU near the top of Big 12 food chain.

I highly recommend this article to get a feel for the immense amount of cash that is gifted to both small and large colleges around the country. Many ancillary ethical and appropriateness questions are raised, and there is a very thought-provoking sidebar interview with NCAA Prez Myles Brand.

As Bob Marley sang, "You make me feel like a sweepstakes winner..."

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