December 07, 2006

Hurricanes need a warning: Kosar to coach? story that Bernie Kosar is openly campaigning for the head coaching job at the University of Miami. If this in fact is the solution to the Hurricanes moribund program, I may need another hobby than producing a college football blog.

I keed, but will he teach Kirby Freeman and Kyle Wright throw sidearm? On the positive side, he knows how to win, produce and be successful - Kosar has made a TON of dough in private equity, runs his own steakhouse

In my mind, this would be like SMU hiring Craig James (or worse, Eric Dickerson), or Florida State hiring Charlie Ward - the path towards igniting a solid program will never be led by a blatant attempt to grab past glory through an aging star player WHO HAS NEVER COACHED.

Hurricanes need to get their shit correct - if NC State can hire away a winner like Tom O'Brien from a solid job, WTF is Miami waiting for? Must be working on something in the background?

It should make great theater watching the Alabama and Miami job search - maybe they will post on LinkedIn or Monster...

I got some crazy names that just might work for either gig...
  • Galen Hall (PSU OC, former Gator coach),
  • Gary Pinkel from Missouri,
  • Art Briles at Houston, and
  • Glen Mason at Minnesota
  • Bobby Petrino at Louisville
  • (update) Walt Harris, formerly of Stanford
All have shown a willingness to move or have a couple pockmarks on the resume.

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john said...

C'mon Vince...give Kosar a shot. You don't see anyone griping about the fact that prior to recently you didn't have any experience doing a college football blog :0)