December 16, 2006

Mount Union so good it is sickening

Mount Union won the D3 College Football Championship for the ninth time in the last fourteen Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowls, crushing Wisconsin-Whatever 35-16 today in Salem, Virginia.

Mount Union coach Larry Kehres raised his record to 246-20-3...Sicker than Britney Spears at 9am.
The following links will do a much better telling of the story since they devote their time to D3 and the Purple Raiders. Stay classy, Purple Raiders - none of that rioting like UMass.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Mount Union stories this year. They are a class act from top to bottom. Best of all it was settled on the field. Meanwhile D1 hasn't even played their first meaningless bowl game. Wake me up when it's time for OSU vs. FL and I'm talking about the basketball game.

Congrats Purple Raiders!