September 17, 2006

College mascots at Playboy

Yes, Separation Saturday lived up to its billing, with big upset wins by Western Michigan and reaffirming victories from Penn State and Texas. While tallying the fantasy scores, my mind wandered and lo and behold I find a college sports angle on the Hef's site...

Mascots Talk Back on

Particularly interesting are the Q and A's with Knightro from UCF and Benny Beaver from Oregon State.

I particularly enjoyed the musings of my favorite mascot in the nation...

The UC - Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

PB: Do you prefer to appear at men's or women's games?
BS: The Slug has no preference. I go either way.

PB: Do your two sets of genitalia give you extra sex appeal?
BS: If I were to walk into the Playboy Mansion, everyone would fall in love with me.

PB: But banana slugs can be kind of violent. Sometimes they bite off the male genitalia during copulation.
BS: I cannot confirm or deny that.

PB: Do you think that's part of how you turn people on?
BS: Well, you know, some people are into that. So whatever floats your boat.

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