September 20, 2006

On the lines

Let us open up the format - I will pick what I think are the three BIG GAMES of the Week (against the spread), one UGLY GAME of the Week (straight up), and a FANTASY SPECIAL (you pick the over or the under).

Simply post your picks in the comments (analysis and humor are encouraged, but not necessary). If you want to add a couple games of your own, feel free!

Winner gets a free post on this blog (like I got cash to throw around)!

Penn State at Ohio State -14.5
Arizona State @ California -7
Hawaii @ Boise State -13 (total is 62.5!)

UGLY GAME (straight up)
Arkansas State at SMU (tip: two pretty good RBs in this one)

Minnesota at Purdue - total is at 66.5!



MightyBoners said...

OK, here we go!
PSU vs OSU--What we have here is a sucka bet take Buckeyes and lay the points.
ASU vs CAL--I follow both of these clubs and I can say ASU has the better defense while Cal the better run game. Expect this one to be a tight shootout. ASU keeps it closer than most think and maybe pull off the upset.
UH vs BSU--I love BSU in this one to cover by 1.
ASU vs SMU--Damn this fugly fo sure. But will take SMU in a high scoring affair.
Minn vs PU--this is the lock of the week! Take the under. Both teams have a tremendous running attack which will run out clock even faster than the new rules. Just not enough time to score points, right?

I'll take my steak medium well.

Vince said...

This is my house...I built this, this is my house! - Neon Deion

Ohio State covers at home (ten straight covers overall, 8 straight at home)

Cal all over Sun Devils - Arizona State has struggled and is on the road again. I will call for Marshawn Lynch around 200 yards and a couple flashes of the "grill".

Boise covers on the blue turf as well. Definitely on the Tivo.

I'll take the homey SMU in the ugly game. I saw ASU, all they have is RB Arnold - the QBs are weak, and the D is small but fast.

I got the over - i think this one hits the 70's. Although the boners have brought solid rationale to the table.

exterminators said...

Ohio St @ home covers. They may look ahead to the Iowa game and they are do for a close one but not this one.

California covers at home. Cal will role until USC

Boise on the blue carpet is a sure bet. So is Hawaii not winning in the states

Arkansas St. @ SMU going with the mustangs in this one

Purdue scores a lot they also give up a lot of points and Minnesota will win definately the over

Vince said...

Correct answers:
OSU 28-6 W, Cal 49-21 W, Boise 41-34 L, SMU 55-7 W!, Purdue 27-21 Under.

Boners - 3-2
Vince - 3-2
Exterminators - 3-2
(1/2 pt off for multiple spelling errors).

Well, this group is off to a flaccid start. I will try to liven up the next game.