September 04, 2006

Holy Double Coverage!

Most lists of the top pass catchers in college football include Hill, Jarrett, Samardzija, Hicks and Rice. Add their Week One production all together, and Toledo TE Chris Hopkins snared as many yards through the air!

Here is my quick tally:
Jason Hill, Washington St. at Auburn - 4 rec, 18 yds, 1 TD
Sidney Rice, South Carolina at Miss. St. - 2 rec, 13 yds, 0TD
Jeff Samadzija, Notre Dame at Georgia Tech - 6 rec, 74 yds, 0 TD
Dwayne Jarrett, USC at Arkansas - 5 rec, 35 yds, 0 TD
Jarrett Hicks, Texas Tech host SMU, DNP
TOTAL - 17 receptions, 140 yards, one TD

Hopkins, Toledo at Iowa State - 13 receptions, 139 yards, 3 TD.

The main theme I see here are that all the games by the big name wideouts were on the road against some pretty good defenses. I do not expect that Robert Meachem of Tennessee, Ryan Wolfe of UNLV, and Chris Williams of New Mexico State will be at the top of the board in a month. Actually, Williams may be around the top since the coach Hall Mumme Air Raid offense may have found a true signal caller in Las Cruces by the name of Chase Holbrook.

Hicks and the university are aggressively appealing his academic ineligibilty, so maybe it isn't fair to include him in this discussion but his ineligibility only becam public knowledge on Thursday.

Speaking of Hopkins, we may have seen a real coming out party for him - new QB Clint Cochran and Hopkins shredded the Iowa State Cyclones in a 45-43 loss in OT on Thursday.

Who do you think will be the top 5 WRs at the end of the season?

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